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Technology has never played a larger role in dentistry than it does today, and the standard and quality of care we can provide is all the better for it. We are always researching ways to improve not just the clinical dentistry we provide but the quality of your experience when we treat you.

At Needville Family Dentistry, we are excited by the vast array of technology we currently offer and look forward to giving you a personal tour. Until then, please read all about how it can benefit you at your next dental appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are by far the most useful diagnostic tool that dentists have. They tell us the story of what’s happening inside your teeth and under your gums that our dentists can’t see with a visual exam alone.

These low-dose digital x-rays are safer for our patients because they emit about 80 percent less radiation than older film x-ray. The information we obtain from dental x-rays is also invaluable, and we use them to keep you up to date with your oral health needs. By sharing the x-ray image with you on your chairside monitor, we can show you in detail what the problem is and why we recommend treatment.

We store your x-rays securely on our in-house network, so we have easy access to them. They are available at our fingertips if we need to retrieve them for reference or share them with your insurance company. 

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3-D Cone Beam Imaging Technology (CBT)

We see part of the picture of your dental health with digital x-rays, and our advanced 3-D cone beam technology (CBT) goes a step further. By showing us all the structures of your mouth in a three-dimensional image, we can place dental implants with greater accuracy and precision and easily plan procedures like orthodontic treatment.

Leading-edge cone beam technology (CBT) delivers a highly detailed 360-degree scan that zooms through bone, teeth, gums, sinuses, and nerve pathways. The CBT scan shows us these anatomical structures, and their orientation to each other, invaluable information when planning implant placement.

Digital Impressions

Even patients who don't mind seeing the dentist hate the process of sitting and waiting for a dental impression. It's hard to forget sitting with a big metal tray slathered with messy pink paste clenched between your teeth and fighting your gag reflex while you waited forever for it to set. 

At Needville Family Dentistry, we've done away with the entire uncomfortable process! Instead, we use comfortable digital impressions that are as easy to take as passing a handheld scanner over your teeth. The result is highly-detailed 3-D images on the first try and an improved ability to design and produce beautiful dental restorations that blend seamlessly with your smile. Since they are stored digitally, we always have your impressions on file for future reference.

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TVs in Treatment Rooms

Would you like a little pleasant distraction during your next dental appointment? Get relaxed in our comfy dental chair with a pillow and blanket, put on the noise-canceling headphones we provide for you, and enjoy your favorite TV show, movie, or news program while we work to improve your oral health!

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry allows us to be extremely precise when we remove damaged or decayed tissue and leave surrounding areas unaffected. Dental lasers allow us to provide more conservative dentistry because it helps us keep more of your healthy tooth structure intact. 

With laser dentistry, we can be more productive, but more importantly, we can improve the quality of dentistry we provide. This results in an efficient appointment for you and an increased ability to provide procedures that many other dental offices can't.

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