Meet Dr. Jennifer Kunkel


The Professional Side

Dr. Kunkel loves what she does! Being a dentist excites her because she gets to connect with the people of her community in a way that meets their needs and improves their lives. Dr. Kunkel pushes herself and her team by learning new methods, bringing faster and more comfortable care at an affordable price. Being a member of the some of the most prestigious dental organizations in the world are great, but what she is most proud of are the many 5 star reviews Needville Family Dentistry receives from the people they serve.

Dr. Kunkel grew up west of San Antonio and moved to Needville in 1992. She graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2000, and in 2001, she started Needville Family Dentistry on Hwy 36 within her community.



Dr. Jennifer Kunkel of Needville Family Dentistry

The Personal Side

Dr. Kunkel has a wonderful husband, Cory, four amazing children and 3 adorable grandchildren. Dr. Kunkel is an active member of First Baptist Church of Needville, serving as a board member at First Academy preschool, and a volunteer organizer of their missions programs. When Dr. Kunkel is not at work or taking continuing education, she loves to spend time with her family traveling, hiking, snow skiing, or just hanging out.

Dr. Kunkel has a passion for serving people in underserved areas around the world. She has traveled to Kampala, Uganda and to Sekong, Laos. She provided health services and education to the families of children with special needs and communities with no access to dental care. She loves it so much, she is already planning her next trip.

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