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What can I do to prevent gum disease?

Gum disease is also referred to as periodontal disease or gingivitis. While it is extremely destructive and can lead to tooth loss, the good news is that gum disease is easy to prevent.

With some effort on your part and support from your Needville Family Dentistry team, it’s possible to avoid ever developing gum disease

close up of patient's smile being checked for gum diseaseProtect Yourself from Gum Disease

It all starts with you and your oral health habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing once are your best defense against developing periodontal disease.

The point of oral hygiene is to eliminate bacteria-filled plaque and tartar that cling to your teeth and leads to cavities and gum disease.

You can also protect yourself by following a healthy diet and eliminating sweets. If you smoke, you are at significant risk for developing gum disease, so you should consider quitting to protect your oral health.

Six-Month Dental Exams and Cleanings Near Rosenberg 

At Needville Family Dentistry, we support your efforts by stepping in every six months and providing a thorough dental cleaning. A professional cleaning goes far beyond at-home oral hygiene and eliminates stubborn tartar that you can’t remove at home.

The only way to ensure that your teeth are as clean as they can be is with professional teeth cleanings every six months.

Are You Due for a Teeth Cleaning?

As you can see, preventing gum disease is not difficult; it requires about 10 minutes a day of your time and two easy visits to our Needville dental office each year. The reward is a healthy smile, fewer dental problems, and lower dental costs.

Call us if it’s time to schedule your next dental appointment!

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