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What orthodontic issues can Invisalign correct?

Invisalign – The Comfortable and Discreet Alternative to Braces.

Designed to be nearly invisible, clear aligners like Invisalign can provide the same lasting results as braces with fewer downsides. Invisalign is effective at correcting moderate misalignments, gaps, and crowding teeth. A series of plastic aligners straighten teeth a little at a time, providing the same benefits as braces with a few additional advantages:

  • Reduced risk of enamel loss, cavities, and gum disease
  • Taking off aligners makes eating and cleaning both your mouth and aligner easier than traditional braces
  • Invisalign is discreet and often will go unnoticed

close up of woman using invisalignWhat Invisalign Aligners Can't Do

While Invisalign can correct many of the same orthodontic issues as braces, it cannot do everything that braces can. Some problems still require braces for correction:

  • Severe misalignment of teeth
  • Missing teeth or significant gaps may prevent the aligners from being able to form a good fit on your teeth
  • Patients younger than 15 or who haven't had all their adult teeth fully grow in cannot typically use Invisalign

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