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My Invisalign Experience

January 19, 2022
Posted By: Michelle Brouillet
Appointment Coordinator Michelle getting Invisalign consultation from Dr. Davis in Needville

My least favorite words to hear are, “Say Cheese!”  I would quickly think through do smile or don’t smile, show teeth or not, tilt my head this way, or aim my mouth away from the camera?   No matter how I ended up posing, the outcome was always the same, my smile was jacked.  I was so tired of hating every single picture I took because of my teeth.  I felt my smile ruined the whole image; I wouldn’t even bother to look at the rest of the picture.  It didn’t matter if the picture was capturing the absolutely breathtaking moment of being on the top of Mount Rainier, the picture was no good.  Orthodontics was something I thought about to help fix my issue, but never thought it was right for me.  Then in June, an Invisalign special popped up in my email and I just felt like it was time. Finally, the push I needed to take the next step to inquire to see if it would help my smile so I could once again look at pictures of myself. 

Initial Invisalign Consultation

During my consultation, I saw the digital image of my smile and I thought, could it be true, could I actually fix my smile and enjoy looking at photos again?  Seeing that projection of what could be, I thought why did I wait so long!  I was ready to get things started immediately!  Now I was thinking how was I going to manage the painstaking long two weeks of waiting for my Invisalign trays to be made and begin the process? 

I took the next two weeks to do a little more research and talked with a lot of friends about my “new smile” that was coming!  Everyone I talked to was just as excited and eager to see my results.  Two weeks went by and I was notified my trays were in and was ready to begin!  After a quick yelp of excitement and jump for joy, I was in the chair and smiling from ear to ear (a crooked smile but yet a smile).  Dr. Davis inserted the trays, gave everything a quick look over, explained the process and care instructions and I was on my way.  Yesss!!!  It was like the first day of school all over again, I was pumped and ready and excited for all the details. I immediately downloaded the Invisalign app and updated my calendar with the dates to remind me when to switch trays and when to take photos to track progress.  I was finally on my way to loving my smile!

Invisalign Attachments

Next came the attachments.  A completely painless and quick process of attaching small, barely noticeable buttons to my teeth.  Although they felt a bit odd at the beginning, I became used to them.  When I put the trays on with the attachments, I could feel the difference.  There were small aches and pains the first day or two of each new tray I put in.  I couldn’t see the results yet, but knew it was working!  Those attachments were holding the trays right where they needed to be. 

Like a good student, each week I was taking a selfie to track progress.  Week after week, I really wasn’t seeing much progress in my photos.  I still hated looking at them.  I was questioning whether this was really going to work for me.  I remember about halfway through my first set of trays, I pulled out my week one tray.  I held it up against my current tray and was blown away by the difference!  My teeth were really shifting!  Alright, I was back on board!  

Fast forward to the present day, I finished my first set of trays.  I can see a HUGE difference in my smile, not only in the progress video (The app will put all your selfies in motion to view your progress week by week.  I highly recommend it.) but I was finally seeing a difference in ALL of my photos!  I met with Dr. Davis again to remove my attachments and to rescan my teeth.  I was happy with my progress thus far but knew that I desired a little more tweaking to my smile.  That fancy scanner agreed and showed the specific areas where I could still use a little movement.  Dr. Davis sent off my scan and now I wait for my next set of trays and attachments to continue the process.  

I can’t believe how easy and relatively painless the Invisalign process has been.  I have been absolutely thrilled with the results thus far and can’t wait to see the final product!  The only thing I would change is doing it years ago!  I can’t wait to show off my new smile the next time I hear, “Say Cheese!”

Invisalign before and after photo

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